A moral recovery program essay

This could be initiated by both the government and businessmen. EO was issued 21 years ago; Ms Leticia did not fail us — we failed ourselves. In Mindanao, we will promote the cultures of the peoples there, including the Muslims. Critical Mass or Network of Change Initiators.

Filipinos have the capacity for hard work in given proper conditions. So who suffers in the end. For some of us, this may not be enough. Communization of our schools should be developed to give a common experience to students and to foster greater equality in society.

Identifying and making known the centers of product excellence in the Philippines; and dispersing economic activities based on local product expertise and indigenous materials i. Filipinos make do with what is available in the environment, even, e.

A Moral Recovery Program: Building a People--Building a Nation by Patricia Licuanan

Ms Leticia, My Hero. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. He has a background in advice and counselling work, mainly in the areas of mental health and social welfare law.

Four Kinds of Moral Inventory

The faith of the Filipino is related to bahala na, which, instead of being viewed as defeatist resignation, may be considered positively as a reservoir of psychic energy, an important psychological support on which we can lean during difficult times.

The moral recovery program also involves elements such as loving those around you, having a sense of justice and persevering through tasks. In order to promote national unity and national integration, the government must attempt a long-range strategy for democratic transformation in Philippine politics.

Childbearing practices, family relations, and family attitudes and orientation are the main components of the home environment. The Filipino student learns passivity and conformity. Inventory writers complete a column before moving on to the next.

Like the Four Absolutes, the Big Book resentment inventory generally consists of four columns. This is a high ideal and the main characteristic of 12 Step recovery, and not easy to live up to. The Philippine political environment is characterized by a centralization of power.

Poverty, however, has also become an excuse for graft and corruption, particularly among the lower rungs of the bureaucracy. The crab mentality in them will try to pull those in power down.

Feb 23,  · Of late, there have been calls for moral recovery or reform programs aimed particularly at government workers. A clear offshoot of the ZTE hullabaloo, these calls emanated from Congress through.

A MORAL RECOVERY PROGRAM: BUILDING A PEOPLE--BUILDING A NATION PATRICIA LICUANAN The events at EDSA in February not only ousted a dictator, but also demonstrated to the world and to ourselves our great strengths as a people. A Moral Recovery Program Essay Sample.

First example is being family oriented. Filipinos possess a genuine and deep love for the family. Second one is possesing joy and humor of Filipinos. We have a cheerful and fun-loving approach to life and its ups and downs. Third is having a flexibility, adaptability and creativity way of living.

moral recovery The moral recovery program is a program that encourages members of the public to live in a moral and correct way. The program does have religious connections, but is more about rebuilding a 'people nation' and retaining a sense of community spirit.

The moral recovery program takes place in the Philippines. The moral recovery program is a program that encourages members of the public to live in a moral and correct way. The program does have religious connections, but is more about rebuilding a ‘people nation’ and retaining a sense of community spirit.

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A moral recovery program essay
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