Essay on the origin of amphibia

OR Write four general characteristics of Bryophytes, Tracheophytes. The earliest fossils were discovered in from Greenland from the late Devonian mya deposits.

Habit and Habitat of Amphibians 2. Its fossils are obtained from late Devonian and Carboniferous periods.

Modern living chelonians are divided into two suborders: When the ventricle starts contracting, deoxygenated blood is pumped through the pulmonary artery to the lungs. Eunotosaurus, a mid-Permian fossil had teeth. This is the common idea of amphibian origin.

In course of time and space a group evolved which had specialised pharyngeal apparatus to assist internal food collection. Both tails and limbs can be regenerated. Scale-less smooth skin possess numerous glands.

A pseudo-temporal fossa is found in some freshwater chelonians which has the same function as the true temporal fossa. These apertures are compared with the gill-slits of Branchiostoma.

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OR Draw a labelled diagram of L. Hypothetical Vertebrate Ancestor Prevertebrate: The family Plethodontidae is also found in Central America and South America north of the Amazon basin ; [35] South America was apparently invaded from Central America by about the start of the Miocene23 million years ago.

In the water, the sideways thrusts of their tails had propelled them forward, but on land, quite different mechanisms were required. Cygnus arkarium proquest digital dissertations Cygnus arkarium proquest digital dissertations bat essay google organizational culture analysis essay.

Highly glandular, moist skin is naked. In male lizards the ureters unite with the vasa deferentia and open jointly in the cloaca, In turtles and many lizards, an urinary bladder is present. Their lungs improved and their skeletons became heavier and stronger, better able to support the weight of their bodies on land.

In the leather back, Dermochelys claws are totally absent. The fossil ostracoderms probably evolved from unarmoured ancestors such as Jamoytius. There are five to nine pre-sacral vertebrae in the vertebral column.

The Structure, Evolution and Origin of the Amphibia. The

They possess the notochord, dorsal nerve cord, pharyngeal gill-slits and post-anal tail. The aquatic species, Pseudemys floridana, was recorded at 1. The renal portal system loses its importance to some extent. This new structure is absent in Sphenodon.

In temperate regions, breeding is mostly seasonal, usually in the spring, and is triggered by increasing day length, rising temperatures or rainfall. There are no fossil records to show that whatever this ancestral vertebrate or prevertebrate may have been.

Since the earlier chordate ancestors were soft-bodied forms, they left no fossil remains to us clues as to their origin. Faecal pellets are the territorial markers among the males of a particular species.

It can monitor the duration of environmental photoperiods and internal biological rhythms. The order Rhynchocephalia is represented by two living representatives, Sphenodon punctatums and S. The first vertebra — atlas is a ring-shaped bone and without centrum.

Essay on the General Characters of Subphylum Vertebrata: The "tail" is only possessed by the male and is an extension of the cloaca and used to inseminate the female.

Reptiles: Origin, History and Classification

But this view is readily rejected by all scientists. Kidney is metanephric type. The family Salamandridae includes the true salamanders and the name " newt " is given to members of its subfamily Pleurodelinae. Besides, one or two integular shields are present in front of gular shields.

There is no direct evidence for the exact site of origin. The heart consists of a muscular sinus venosus, two thin-walled auricles and a thick-walled, conical, partly divided ventricle Fig. OR Draw a neat and labelled diagram of the Brain of Frog.

EVOLUTION, ANfD ORIGIN OF THE AMPHIBIA. 13 which articulates with the prevomers anteriorly, and posteriorly expands into a broad body whose lateral borders have a1 union with the pterygoid, which in the young specimen R.

Amphibians: Origin, Characters and Its Classification | Zoology

is a straight abutment, whilst in the old R. it is a jagged and deeply interlocked suture. The emergence of such reptiles from Labyrinthodont Amphibia was so gradual that, on the basis of skeletal remains alone, it is difficult to ascertain whether some of them are reptiles that have just ceased being reptiles or Amphibia on way to transform to reptiles.

The Evolution of Amphibians - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. This is an essay about the evolution of amphibians and how creationists cannot ignore the scientific evidence that proves the occurrence of evolution/5(7).

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They spread the news and awareness but portray it in a comedic way. Amphibia Linnaeus,Syst. Nat Ser. 13, 1–42, discussed the morphological evidence for the origin of living Amphibia (Lissamphibia sensu Parsons and Williams, provided a multilocus analysis of the age and relationships of major amphibian groups.

An illuminating essay on the early classific ation of amphibians was. Amphibia Web - Species List Information on various amphibians Anatomy of a Snake There are FAQs on turtles, frogs, general reptiles/amphibians, and rat health.

Translations of North American Reptiles into their Latin names. Useful for those species sold in pet trade with wrong/inadequate names/labels.

Essay on the origin of amphibia
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