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Click here to go back to my home page or here to go to my motorcycle home page. If you are unable to meet the physical or coordination requirements, you may be required to discontinue the riding portion of the course with no refund provided.

Tiny movements translate into significant reactions. The sliding nature of those, combined with an inappropriate installation can cause incidents. Riding is about taking that side road out of the traffic stream just to see where it goes. Riders dress the part, dress their bikes, polish, clean and accessorize according to personal whims, tastes and perceived social standing.

You might as well wear plaid stretch pants and a backwards baseball cap while you drive because no one will think any less of you. Drivers can ignore animals who dart across the road and kill them without affecting the drive.

It is pleasurable to flick gears, tap the throttle, twitch a knee and have the bike obey like a trained quarter horse. Look for a DOT certification sticker on the helmet. Legal definition of motorcycle A motorcycle is broadly defined by law in most countries for the purposes of registration, taxation and rider licensing as a powered two-wheel motor vehicle.

A family sedan with a spoiler on the trunk is still a dumpy, unromantic and unexciting, automatic transmission sedan no matter what you bolt to it. Riding is about meeting strangers at a gas station and striking up a friendly conversation about motorcycles.

The only cars that can even come close to a bike in grace and form are European sports cars.

Motorcycle Safety

Pdf and values of the law and the engines in order to write a medium-sized manufacturer of motorcycle cruisers. Drive through the countryside with your windows rolled up, air conditioning on and music cranked up and try to express the experience of motion through the fresh air that smelled of new hay and cows.

In response to that previous attempt by the IIHS to ban sportbikes, the AMA conducted an analysis of the study and raised questions that the Association submitted to Harry Hurtlead researcher on the most comprehensive study of motorcycle crashes ever conducted.

The report's additional findings show that wearing appropriate gear, specifically, a helmet and durable garments, mitigates crash injuries substantially. Unfortunately they tend to give the better riders an equally bad reputation.

A good rider knows this. Without the car, you are immobilized - there is little or no shopping outside the distant malls.

Motorcycle research paper

Drivers can ignore animals who dart across the road and kill them without affecting the drive. This is compounded by soft driving legislation that does not test drivers frequently enough and seldom requires them to maintain or upgrade their skill levels.

The act of riding is all he or she needs. And motorcyclists have to look ahead, consider the road in advance, plan and prepare in ways drivers never need to do.

New Rider Course Overview

We are outsiders, non-conformists, free thinkers, independent and proud of it. In the Marine Corps, high-speed bikes accounted for the majority of fatalities.


Concerning training evaluation no standard exists and only little evidences with methodological limitations support PTW training. The studies of training.

“Motorcycle accidents continue to be a growing problem as of 5, were killed as a result of motorcycle accidents which is an increase of %2 over ” (Motorcycle Safety Foundation 4). We will write a custom essay sample on. In his essay Song of the Sausage Creature, Thompson wrote, "It is an atavistic mentality, a peculiar mix of low style, high speed, In Canada, the Canada Safety Council (CSC), a non-profit organization, provides motorcycle safety training courses for beginner and novice riders through its Gearing Up training program.

Again, as in. Some motorcycle manufacturers offer a credit toward the cost of a new motorcycle or training if a rider signs up for an MSF course.

Driving & Motorcycle Safety. For those who need driver’s training and education, Forsyth Tech offers courses for both automobile and motorcycle drivers. Home» Courses & Programs» Personal Enrichment» Driving & Motorcycle Safety. Contact. Courses and Programs. Read this essay on Motorcycle Safety.

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Motorcycle training essay
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Ian Chadwick's essay on why we ride motorcycles